Our principles


We acknowledge the wholeness/connectedness of societal, organizational and human life: their cognitive, emotional, personal, as well as the, relational and systemic dimensions.

Learning and experimentation

We engage in creative experimentation, adopt and adapt emerging ideas, seek feedback from each other in the organizations and the world around us, while purposely embracing mistakes and challenges as opportunities to learn and develop new skills and competencies.


Communicating with less friction across organizational and societal lines, in ways that distribute and improve access to knowledge and innovation among stakeholders.


Designing an organization that is flexible to the needs and demands of employees, clients and society. Acknowledging and rewarding innovation, creativity, thoughtful feedback and collaboration.

Transformative change

We recognize that short-term fixes and solutions will not bring about the radical and sustainable changes that we need and strive to bring into being new values, practices and cultures that challenge common dysfunctional assumptions and practices in organizations and society.

Scaling impact

We believe that a dedicated alliance of organizations and teams in a society can change the world. Thus, we move from building islands of innovation, to communities of practice to nurture systems of influence and common growth.

An idea is a feat of association, and the height of it is a good metaphor. ~Robert Frost