Our approach

We support people and organizations provoking individual and collective potential through our “learning by exploring” approach, applied systems thinking as main theoretical basis and co creation tools (i.e. social labs, appreciative inquiry, storytelling, reciprocity ring) as main methodological approach so as to facilitate collaboration, innovation and well-being. Systems thinking have grown a lot during the last decades because it offers people, organizations and society a way to approach complex problems effectively. Systemic thinking is holistic and synthetic approach versus reductionistic and analytic thinking. Analytic thinking attempts to understand a system (i.e. organizations, teams, social context) by breaking it into its smaller parts and studying these parts in isolation. Systems Thinking is about asking different kinds of questions that challenge dysfunctional cognitive patterns, about making our hidden assumptions visible, bringing both the short- and long-term dimensions into our shared conversation and about tapping into the intelligence and wisdom within our organizations so as to ultimately, improve the quality of our decisions in organizations and society.

Our principles

Learning and experimentation

We adopt and adapt emerging ideas, engage in creative experimentation, seek feedback from the world around us, while purposely embracing mistakes and challenges as opportunities to learn and develop new skills and competencies.


We acknowledge the wholeness/connectedness of societal, organizational and human life: their cognitive, emotional, personal, as well as the, relational and systemic dimensions.


Communicating with less friction across organizational and societal lines, in ways that distribute and improve access to knowledge and innovation among stakeholders..

Transformative change & scaling up

We need and strive to bring into being new values, practices and cultures that challenge common dysfunctional assumptions and practices in organizations and society. We strive to move from building islands of innovation, to communities of practice to nurture systems of influence and common growth.

Our team

We are a growing team of professionals/ consultants and social scientists with background in the corporate, academic and not-for-profit sector that set the conditions for organizations, public services and civil communities to grow, innovate and create sustainable impact for people, organizations and society.


The primal scene of morality . . . is not one in which I do something to you or you do something to me, but one in which we do something together.
Christine Korsgaard